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Overview of the Pro Croquet Set

The Pro Croquet set features full size croquet mallets and composite balls - and is one of the bestselling croquet sets on the market. It is both versatile and can be used at most levels of the game.

Ideal for 4 player games of croquet, this beautifully crafted and durable set comes supplied with 4 mallets (2 different sizes to allow adults of differing heights to play), 4 composite balls, 6 hoops and other accessories (more detail below).

Quality of the Pro Croquet Set

  • Top quality hardwood croquet mallets with octagonal multi ply handles.   
  • Traditional wooden round heads on the croquet mallets provide quality and durability.
  • Composite croquet balls – as per the better quality croquet sets, and weigh 16lb

Components of the Pro Croquet Set:

  • 4 Hardwood Croquet Mallets with octagonal multi ply handles - approximately 3lbs each;
  • 2 – 97cm (38”) Croquet Mallets with 23cm (9”) x 8cm (3”) hardwood head
  • 2 – 87cm (34”) Croquet Mallets with 23cm (9”) x 8cm (3”) hardwood head
  • 4 16oz composite Croquet Balls 9cm (3 5/8”) in diameter
  • 6 Steel croquet hoops (11mm diameter) – 43cm (17 1/2”) high, 10cm (4”) wide, dipped to 13cm (5 1/2”) to leave regulation 30cm (12”) above ground
  • 1 Hoop “smasher” croquet mallet with rubber head (important as the rubber protects the hoops)
  • 4 Corner flags
  • 4 Coloured croquet clips
  • 1 Hardwood Centre peg 53cm (21") high x 4cm (1 1/2") diameter

What is the Pro Croquet Set Supplied With?

The Pro Croquet set is supplied with a Nylon bag as standard, however this can be upgraded to either a Tool Kit bag, a Wooden Trolley or a Presentation Wooden Box. For more information on croquet set storage options please visit our croquet storage options page.

Uber Games also supplies a range of accessories for your croquet set – which can be found on the croquet accessory page

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