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The 6 player Family Croquet Set is one of the bestselling entry level croquet sets on the market. It provides excellent value for money and allows the whole family to enjoy a game of croquet. 4 different sized croquet mallets allow adults and children of all sizes and ages to play, whilst the wooden balls ensure that the croquet set retains the traditional elements. If you are looking to enjoy croquet with the whole family, then the 6 player Family Croquet Set is a fantastic option!

Quality of the Family Croquet Set

  • Excellent quality wooden croquet mallets with round handles  
  • Traditional wooden round heads on the croquet mallets provide quality and durability.
  • Wooden croquet balls – as per the traditional croquet sets, Note that the balls are painted wood - and do deteriorate from first use. We recommend composite balls for durability.

Components of the Family Croquet Set:

  • 6 Wooden Croquet Mallets with round handles - approximately 2lb 13oz each
  • 61cm (24") Croquet Mallet with 18cm (7") x 5.5cm (2 1/4") Hardwood Head
  • 71cm (28") Croquet Mallet with 20cm (8") x 6cm (2 1/2") Hardwood Head
  • 86cm (34") Croquet Mallet with 23cm (9") x 7.5cm (3") Hardwood Head
  • 96cm (38") Croquet Mallet with 23cm (9") x 7.5cm (3") Hardwood Head
  • 6 9oz Wooden Croquet Balls 7.5cm (3”) in diameter.
  • 6 Steel croquet hoops (8mm diameter) – 43cm (17”) high, 10cm (4”) wide.
  • 1 Hardwood Centre peg 53cm (21") high x 2.5cm (1") diameter

What is the Family Croquet Set Supplied With?

The Family Croquet set is supplied with a Nylon bag as standard, however this can be upgraded to either a Tool Kit bag, a Wooden Trolley or a Presentation Wooden Box. For more information on croquet set storage options please visit our croquet storage options page.

Uber Games also supplies a range of accessories for your croquet set – which can be found on the croquet accessory page.

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