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The Garden Games Challenger Croquet set is full adult sized garden croquet set. Produced to give the competition feel to your garden set, this wonderful game is great for croquet lovers and makes a perfect gift set.

This elegant croquet set contains square headed mallets which give you that competition style.

The mallet heads are made from hand finished Rosewood and have brass banding round the end to give protection, security and better accuracy. The mallet heads also have inlaid sight lines for lining up your shots as well as solid octagonal ash handles for less vibration and a better feel.

This set contains 4 x 16oz solid plastic composite balls, which are regulation size and weight. This wonderful croquet set also comes with 6 solid steel hoops with carrot style ends which means once placed in your lawn they will be held more securely in place during play. Also included is a hoop drill (not included in many other croquet sets on the market) which is designed to create the holes for the hoops to fit in without causing additional damage to your croquet lawn area.

The Challenger Croquet set also contains a hoop mallet or smasher which has a rubber head in order to protect the hoops and help you set up the game ready for play.

The Challenger Croquet set comes pre-packaged in a convenient toolkit bag which has compartments and pockets for all of the equipment. This means that the equipment is kept safe during storage and is protected. The toolkit bag opens fully allowing easier set up and access to all equipment.

The Challenger Croquet set by Garden Games includes:

  • 4 Solid Square head Rosewood mallets with brass protection and octagonal English Ash handles
  • 97cm (38”) Mallets with 24cm (9 1/2”) x 6cm (2 1/4”) Rosewood Heads
  • 4 16oz composite balls 9cm (3 5/8”) in diameter
  • 6 Steel professional hoops with carrot ends (16mm diameter) 51cm (20”) high, 10cm (4”) wide, dipped to 21cm (8”) to leave regulation 30cm (12”) above the ground
  • 1 Hoop Drill (to create the carrot holes for the club hoops)
  • 1 Hoop “smasher” mallet with rubber head (important as the rubber protects the hoops)
  • 4 Corner flags with metal poles
  • 4 coloured clips included
  • 1 Hardwood Centre peg with topper - 3cm (1 ½ ”) diameter, 56cm (22”) high
  • Canvas carry Toolkit bag with carry handle


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