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Overview of the Hurlingham Croquet Set:

The Hurlingham Croquet Set is the flagship from Garden Games. It combines hand crafted excellence with the best materials possible for the croquet set. Rosewood mallets with Ash handles and composite balls, and a solid wood storage chest combine to ensure the Hurlingham is an exquisite and desirable set!

The mallet heads have brass bands for extra protection – and the solid wood box ensures that the croquet set is presented in the best possible way. The set is provided with regulation hoops and balls.

Why Buy a Hurlingham Croquet Set:

  • A top quality croquet set, with Rosewood mallets and Ash Mallets
  • Excellent durability with brass rings over the Rosewood Mallet heads
  • Composite balls - tournament weight of 16oz
  • All the accessories for a full game of croquet
  • An exquisite solid wood storage chest for transportation
Components of the Hurlingham Croquet Set:
  • 4 x Hurlingham croquet mallets with ash handles, rosewood mallet heads with brass banding and an inlaid sighting line.  Mallet dimensions are: length 36in and weight 2lb 10 oz 
  • 4 x 16 oz Composite Croquet Balls
  • 6 x Iron hoops (4 x white, 1 each of red and blue). Dimensions are: 44cm x 12.4cm x 1.2cm 
  • 1 x Rubber headed hoop mallet 37.5cm long
  • 1 x Wooden winning post 54cm x 4 cm (Diameter) 
  • 4 x Metal croquet clips 
  • 8 x Wooden yards markers 15.5cm x 2.8cm (Diameter) 
  • 4 x Metal posted corner flags
  • Book of croquet rules and tactics.
What is the Hurlingham Croquet Set Supplied With?

The Hurlingham is supplied in a tool kit bag or a solid Ash wooden box, with rope handles and brass-plated latches. It is the perfect compliment and storage method for this premium croquet set.


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