6 Player Townsend Croquet Set

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Product Description

The Townsend 6 Player Croquet Set is a high quality croquet set, and finished off with Rosewood, Ash and Solid Pine. There are 6 full size mallets – ensuring this great game can now be enjoyed with even more players. Extra green and brown composite balls make up the 6 croquet balls in this set.

The mallet heads are made from durable Rosewood, which helps with a clean hit, whilst the octagonal Ash shafts and leather bound handles works to reduce vibrations from hitting the ball.

Why Buy a 6 Player Townsend Croquet Set
  • A croquet set that is ideal for the all levels of the game.
  • Excellent quality – hardwood mallets with Rosewood heads and English Ash shafts.
  • All the accessories for a full game of croquet for 6 players, including 6 mallets, and 6 balls. 
  • Easily transported and stored using the Garden Games Storage Bag.
Components of the 6 Player Townsend Croquet Set:
  • 6 croquet mallets – 97cm long, and weight 1.2kg (approx)
  • Croquet Mallet Handle: 89cm long, 2.6cm x 2.3cm octagonal shaft
  • Croquet Mallet Head Dimensions (cm): 23cm long x 7.5cm diameter
  • 6 Full Size Croquet Balls - 450g/16oz each. 
  • 6 x Steel hoops. 4 white topped and one each of red and blue topped hoops, 43.7cm x 12.2m x11mm (D) 4 each in white
  • 1 x Hardwood hoop mallet 41.5cm long
  • 4 x Corner flags - posts 61cm x 3 cm (D) flags 26cm x 31cm
  • 8 x Wooden Yard Markers 15.5cm x 2.8cm
  • 6 x Plastic Croquet Clips
  • 1 x Hardwood Croquet winning post
What is the 6 Player Townsend Croquet Set Supplied With?

The 6 Player Townsend Croquet Set is supplied with canvas storage bag and a detachable shoulder strap. The set is easily packed away and portable. The Townsend is also CE approved.

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