6 Player Longworth Croquet Set

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Overview of the Longworth 6 Player Croquet Set

The Longworth 6 Player Croquet Set is the 6 player version of the excellent quality, full size, 4 player croquet set. Although it is an entry level set it comes supplied with great quality round headed hardwood mallets and leather bound hardwood handles. Providing excellent entertainment, the 6 Player Longworth can be used recreationally or also for more formal games of croquet. This is the perfect set for larger groups and games of croquet. 

The Longworth Croquet Set is the first set made and supplied by Garden Games, and its long lasting nature reflects the bestselling status. 

Why Buy a Longworth 6 Player Croquet Set
  • A croquet set that is ideal for beginners, families and recreational use
  • Excellent quality hardwood mallets and plastic balls
  • All the accessories for a full game of croquet – 6 mallets and 6 balls
  • Easily transported and stored using the canvas Storage Bag included.
  • A combination of superior quality and affordability
Components of the Longworth 6 Player Croquet Set:
  • 6 croquet mallets – 97cm long, and weight 1.2kg (approx)
  • Croquet Mallet Handle: 89cm long, 2.6cm x 2.3cm octagonal shaft
  • Croquet Mallet Head Dimensions (cm): 23cm long x 7.5cm diameter
  • 6 x 12oz painted plastic balls 
  • 6 x Steel hoops. 4 white topped and one each of red and blue topped hoops, 43.7cm x 12.2m x11mm (D) 4 each in white
  • 1 x Hardwood hoop mallet 41.5cm long
  • 4 x Corner flags - posts 61cm x 3 cm (D) flags 26cm x 31cm
  • 6 x Plastic Croquet Clips
  • 1 x Hardwood Croquet winning post
What is the Longworth 6 Player Croquet Set Supplied With?

The Longworth Croquet Set is supplied with canvas storage bag and a detachable shoulder strap. The set is easily packed away and portable.

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