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Overview of the Junior Executive Croquet Set

The Junior Executive Croquet set is a top quality croquet set for younger people. The croquet mallets come in 2 different sizes, with the largest measuring 71cm (28”).  The croquet set includes exceptional solid English Ash mallets and smaller 9oz wooden balls. For juniors who are very interested in croquet, this is the ideal set. Not only are the croquet mallets better quality, but with all the accessories, the players will be perfectly placed to develop their game.

Quality of the Junior Executive Croquet Set

  • Excellent quality Solid English Ash croquet mallets with octagonal Ash handles.   
  • Protective brass rings over round Ash heads on the croquet mallets provide top quality and durability. The mallets are designed to be used frequently!
  • Smaller size traditional wooden croquet balls – 9oz (3”) in diameter.

Components of the Juionr Executive Croquet Set:


  • 4 solid English Ash mallets with protective brass rings and octagonal English Ash handles;
  • 2 x 61cm (24”) Croquet Mallet with 18cm (7”) x 6.5cm (2 1/2”) English Ash Head
  • 2 x 71cm (28”) Croquet Mallet with 20cm (8”) x 6.5cm (2 1/2”) English Ash Head
  • 4 x 9oz Wooden balls 8cm (3”) in diameter
  • 6 Steel hoops (11mm diameter) – 43cm (17 1/2”) high, 10cm (4”) wide, dipped to 13cm (5 1/2”) to leave regulation 30cm (12”) above ground
  • 1 Hoop “smasher” croquet mallet with rubber head (important as the rubber protects the hoops
  • 4 Corner flags with wooden poles
  • 8 Yard markers
  • 4 Coloured croquet clips
  • 1 Hardwood Centre peg – 3cm (1 ½ ”) diameter, 53cm (21”) high.


What is the Junior Executive Croquet Set Supplied With?

The Junior Executive Croquet set is supplied with a Nylon bag as standard, however this can be upgraded to either a Tool Kit bag, a Wooden Trolley or a Presentation Wooden Box. For more information on croquet set storage options please visit our croquet storage options page.

Uber Games also supplies a range of accessories for your croquet set – which can be found on the croquet accessory page

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